What our fee includes

Our fee is based on the gross amount you bill your customers through Auftrag.app. It includes all related payment processing and payout fees, and VAT if applicable.

By including all variable payment processing and payout fees in our fee, you'll always be able to predict your earnings, regardless of which payment method your customers use, or where they come from.

Additionally, having an everything-included fee makes it much simpler for you to calculate your earnings, as there won't be surprise payout fees that are applied later on.

Payment processing fees at other providers range from around 5% plus flat rate, to a few cents per payment. Payout processing fees also tend to be another 1%, sometimes with additional requirements such as minimum payout amounts, minimum fee amounts and currency conversion fees.

With Auftrag.app all of this is included.

How we calculate the amount you receive

Our percent-based fee is calculated using allocation:

The gross item amount is allocated as the ratios (for example) 20% (for us), 80% (to you). Using allocation instead of division prevents dealing with half-or otherwise fractional-cent amounts.