You get paid based on your configured payout schedule, after the funds have cleared at our payment processor.

It usually takes a few days for credit card transaction to clear, so you'll find these funds in your pending balance.

We're making sure your funds will be available as soon as possible, however in some cases it may take up to 14 days for funds to clear.

Payout schedule

You may choose to be paid daily (once per day when funds are available), weekly (payouts should arrive on the chosen weekday), or monthly (on a chosen date). For monthly payouts, if the date is between the 29th and 31st, it will be on the last day of the month during shorter months.

Changing your payout schedule does not affect the time it takes funds to clear. You can change your payout schedule in your dashboard.

Standard payout timing

As of October 2020, the expected payout timings are as follows:

  • 7 calendar days: All supported countries, except high-risk businesses
  • 14 calendar days: High risk businesses