How do slots work?

When you set your open slots to 10 in your maker dashboard, then you'll be able to receive up to 10 new requests.

Open commission slots: 10 open of 10

The amount of available slots is automatically decreased with every open commission. This means, if you already have 5 open commissions (either in requested, active, pending or idle state), and you set your slots to 10, there will be 5 slots available for new requests.

As you complete or reject requests, your available slots will automatically increase again.

Open commission slots: 5 open of 10

If you have more open requests than slots, then you won't be able to receive any more requests until you either complete some requests, or increase your number of slots.

Open commission slots: 0 open of 10

How many slots can I open?

By default, you can open up to 50 slots, so you can receive and work on up to 50 commission requests at once.

How many slots should I open?

We recommend that you set your open slots to the number of commissions you want to be actively working on.

So if you want to work on 10 commissions at once, set your open slots to 10. This way, you will always be able to receive new requests until you reach 10, and immediately be able to start receiving more once you're done with one.

How do I close requests?

Set your number of open slots to 0 to prevent receiving new requests.

If you want to start receiving requests again automatically as you clear out your backlog, you can set your open slots to the number of requests you want to be actively working on.

Can I get more open slots?

If you need more than the default 50 slots, you are welcome to reach out to us!