The new pricing models enables makers with low storage requirements to earn more than previously possible by disabling growing cloud storage. Further, storage-related A+ features are now included at the same price as the previous Standard pricing. Finally, A+ features are now independently available at a lower price without growing cloud storage.

Pricing modelsBase
(New pricing model without growing cloud storage)
(Previously Standard pricing model)
(New: Get A+ without growing storage)
Flex Plus
(Previously A+ pricing model)
Commission item fee15 %20 %20 %25 %
Flex storage
All cloud storage zones are now included with the Flex storage add-on, at the same price as the previous Standard pricing model.
US West
All zonesAmsterdam,
US West
All zones
Volume500 MB500 MB1'000 MB1'000 MB
Growth+ 200 MB / €10 paid
(€0.01 / 200 KB)
+ 200 MB / €10 paid
(€0.01 / 200 KB)
Max file size100 MB5 GB100 MB5 GB
Max file count202002002'000
A+ features
Storage zones previously included in A+ are now a part of Flex.
WaitlistFirst-in-first-out blind commission request waitlistFirst-in-first-out blind commission request waitlist
Max waitlist length5050
Advanced request detailsBudget, deadline, referrerBudget, deadline, referrer
Maker page & dashboard features
Maker page features previously included in A+ are now available to everyone.
Max open requests50 (Manage quotas in your dashboard)
Max custom pages5 (Manage quotas in your dashboard)

Makers previously on Standard pricing have been moved to Flex, and makers on A+ were moved to Flex Plus, both at the same price and feature set as before.